Watch this space! Updates to follow 

The Endless Creation Elves Wood Workshop is back!

Another huge thank you to Endless Creations for hosting and running the 2023 Elves Wood Workshop in cooperation with CAES PTG and CAES.  This year's workshop will be held at CAES on December 5th, 6th or 7th from 2:50pm (right after school/kids stay at school) to 5pm. Please make sure to pick your elf up right at 5pm! :) 

Spots are first come, first served and days will be confirmed by Monday, December 4th.

We're also looking for adult volunteers! If you have a background check and fingerprints in place and would like to help on any or all of the above days, please email

To sign up and for more information, please follow this link. Paper forms are also available upon request from the front office.

See you there!